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HRDQ has been a leading resource for the training community for over forty years. Facilitators, coaches, consultants, organization development professionals, managers, supervisors and leaders; really anyone who shares our passion for soft-skills training and performance improvement can benefit from our products and services.

Workplace Skills Training in a Tough Economy

Posted by HRDQ on 05/03/2019 to People Skills Training
Workplace essential skills training can create more success Economic instability continues to make headlines. As organizations brace to weather stormy market conditions, all business functions are affected – and training is no exception.  
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What is Experiential Learning?

Posted by HRDQ on 05/02/2019 to Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning Uses Active Involvement of Participants Experiential learning is a process of learning that centers around the participant and their active involvement in the learning process. This unique method makes it a valuable method of instruction.
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Mastering the Change Curve

Posted by HRDQ on 05/01/2019 to Managing Change
Dealing with Common Change in the Workplace Change is a frequent occurrence in the workplace. Being able to handle change is imperative, but it can be challenging. What makes it more complicated is that change also doesn’t happen in a linear fashion. Quite frequently, change has curves, and it flow through a series of phases as people come to terms with it.
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Experiential Learning With Games

Posted by HRDQ on 04/30/2019 to team work
The Three Types of Teams and Which is Most Successful There are many factors that go into successful teamwork. When conflicts arise or performances decline, it’s not always simple to find the root of the problem.
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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Presentation

Posted by HRDQ on 04/17/2019 to Presentation Skills
It’s not at all uncommon to worry over public presentations – they come with a lot of challenges:
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Top 3 Critical Thinking Skills: Why They Are Essential

Posted by HRDQ on 03/15/2019 to critical thinking
Three Fundamental Skills to Engage in Better Critical Thinking Critical thinking skills are extremely important at work. Employees often find themselves in situations where they need to apply critical thinking to solve complex work problems. If a person can analyze the problem and come up with an effective solution, work output will be improved.
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How to Improve Happiness at Work for Employees

Posted by HRDQ on 03/05/2019 to Job Satisfaction
A More Satisfied Team Means Greater Success Happy employees mean better business. Numerous studies have proven that a happier and more engaged staff means more success in the business – less turnover, more productivity, and better financial numbers.
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8 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Posted by HRDQ on 03/04/2019 to Communication
Tips for Better Listening During International Listening Month March is International Listening Month. Many studies have shown that listening better in the workplace leads to more effective communication and success – but few people really take the time to work on their listening skills and nonverbal communication.
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The Importance of Expressiveness and Assertiveness in the Workplace

Posted by HRDQ on 02/28/2019 to Personality Style
Learning About Personality Style Everyone has degrees of expressiveness and assertiveness in the workplace. Being able to identify where you are on the scale and how your personality and body language are impacting those around you will help with navigating the workplace. Employees should consider their own personality and the personality style of others around them to contribute to a more positive work environment.
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Getting to Know Your Communication Style

Posted by HRDQ on 02/22/2019 to Communication Styles
Why Communication Styles are so Important Knowing your communication style is essential. If you are aware of it, navigating the complex work world will become easier and you are likely to be more successful. You will be able to identify others’ communication styles and deal with them accordingly as you problem solve at work.
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