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Ensuring Employee Satisfaction and a Happy Workplace

Posted by HRDQ on 01/15/2019 to Employee Engagement
Employee Satisfaction

Happier Employees Are More Engaged & Deliver Better Results

Having happy and satisfied employees in the workplace can make the difference between success and failure for a business. Happy employees are more likely to remain with the company longer, work harder and provide more value to the organization.

The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of worker in the U.S. are currently unhappy at work. That is a huge number – and surely one that results in high turnover and low morale. According to a One4all U.K. report, 39 percent of workers would work harder if they are happy in their current role or place of work. So how can companies ensure that their workplace is somewhere where people will want to remain?

Just focusing on creating happiness alone doesn’t work. Research shows that — ironically — if happiness is the sole focus, companies won’t make progress with it. The key to happiness at work is employee engagement. Without nurturing a greater commitment to the organization, happiness is not accessible. Engaged employees are happy ones, and happy employees make the company run more smoothly.

Companies can increase employee engagement by fostering an environment of teamwork and productivity, listening to concerns, improving company culture, giving out recognition, creating growth opportunities, and allowing them to be heard. If an employee feels valued, they are more likely to be engaged. They then have an investment in the company and its mission. When employees perform better work the entire organization succeeds.

There are more concrete ways to develop employee engagement and grow satisfaction. HRDQ’s new product “The Happiness Factory” uses the concept of a manufacturing facility as an analogy for the production of happiness. Participants go through a series of factory "stations" including a reception area, break room, factory floor, and offices that represent a facet of the workplace where organizations can foster the conditions that lead to increased levels of engagement. Participants learn how to redesign tasks, responsibilities and physical working conditions to support greater job fulfillment and happiness.

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