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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted by HRDQ on 08/28/2018 to Diversity

Increasing and Appreciating Diversity is Key

Multiple studies have found that a more diverse workplace leads to happier, more productive teams. Forward-focused organizations should strive to build a more diverse staff. And within the staff, diversity challenges and benefits should be known.

Types of limitations

  • Fundamental Attribution Error. Fundamental attribution error occurs when you explain someone’s behavior based on their personality traits rather than on external circumstances.
  • Subtle Stereotyping. Stereotyping in harder to notice ways. Stereotyping tend to be characterized in terms of warmth (or lack thereof) and competence (or lack thereof).
  • Micro-inequities. An example of micro-inequities would be giving feedback to one employee more frequently than to others or always eating lunch with the same person or group of people.

Increasing D&I

Increasing diversity and inclusion will benefit all, but it needs to be kick-started in small ways. Some ways to increase inclusion are:

  • Demonstrate a desire to seek diverse perspectives at all levels
  • Find the unique skills of each individual and capitalize on them.
  • Establish a system that connects each new employee with a veteran employee
  • Find non-bureaucratic ways of challenging the status quo
  • Foster an atmosphere of flexibility and learning
  • Be willing to admit mistakes and weaknesses

HRDQ’s ‘Appreciating Diversity’ will help you discover the ways to improve your understanding of diversity. The program explores the subtle ways diversity limitations occur and how to combat them by fostering an environment that focuses on building respectful interactions.

‘Appreciating Diversity’ defines diversity in broad terms, recognizing that people see differences in varying ways from educational background to personal attributes and experiences, among other areas. Employees at all levels will learn how to take proactive steps to find and capitalize on unique skills, exercise flexible thinking, and develop personal growth. Learn more here: https://www.hrdqstore.com/appreciating-diversity-rtl-title.